Chicken roaster - grill

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ARGON Company
ARGON presents its new infrared-rays INOX serie.
Its long list of features and a sturdy design makes it the first choice of real commercial operators.

Made of diecast aluminium (unique in the market), with separate gas inlets –injector- for each burner. Dual radiation palte in accordance with international standards for butane and propane gas. Supported in 18/8 stainless steel frames. Easy supplies in case of break down or fracture by means of single nuts.

Separate motor for each spit within free switches. Very low consumption: 12 watt, 220/240 V. 50 c. (under order can be supplied in divers voltage and cycles). Motors drive spits directly, with no chains or pulleys.

Heat resistant, fire tempered at 280ºC. New mounting system with reinforced hinges of 18/8 stainless steel. Double set unbeded in each machine. Removing heat, smoke and smells. Maximum energy conservation. Less time of roasting.

Solid structure of stainless steel, vitrified enamel at 950ºC. And metal sheet enarneled to the fire. All material which is in contact with the food is 18/8 stainless steel. Space between burnes is in vitrified enamel, making easy its cleaning and in prevision of waste. Practical and bright colours which transform the roaster into a magnificent shop-window.

Each appliance comes provided with LP-gas fittings (regulators). Spit, skewers and try of ull 18/8 stainless steel construction. Handles and gears of isolated material. Easy removal of spits incorporated. Optionaly can be equipped the roaster with a manual system for the rotative spits.

The broken line arrangement of the ARGON burners lets infrared rays penetrate deeply into the meat to produce uniform roasting inside and even browning of the surface. For the burners to generate infrared radiation, they must always burn without a flame. The system of gas injectors makes the end burners  burn at the same intensity as the centre ones. The roasting time and the capacity per spit will of course depend on the size of the chickens.

Totally and absolute. Our system of construction with totaly independent elements within (motors, burners, valves, installation) prevents the machine to be out of service when is most needed.

Instructions of starting in, functioning, use and maintenance are casted back in the book accompanying each roaster. All our appliances are equipped with a safety valve and a cutoff thermocouple. Very simple operation.